There are those who embody their community – in their knowledge of its history, their familiarity with its people, their sense of its spirit. For Hell’s Kitchen, that would be Joe Restuccia, executive director of Clinton Housing Development Company, the unofficial mayor of the neighborhood. With music from Jacob Tilove.
Monday, December 3, 7:30
Irish Arts Center
553 W. 51 St
This event is free and open to all.
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12/12 Gary Shteyngart – writer
Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan

12/19 Dominique Browning – director, Moms Clean Air Force/EDF
Environmental Defense Fund

1/8 Jeffrey Sachs – economist
Center for Architecture

1/10 Michael Frank – writer
KGB Bar Red Room

1/16 Brian Lehrer – WNYC radio journalist
Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan

1/20 ETHEL – quartet
Kaufman Music Center

1/27 Payam Akhavan – Professor of International Law
Baha’i Center

2/5 David Oshinsky – historian
NYU Langone

2/6 Sarah Pearson – astrophysicist
KGB Bar Red Room

2/11 Susan Cheever – writer
NY Society Library

2/21 Elizabeth Diller – architect
Center for Architecture

3/5 Charles Branas – epidemiologist
Columbia Mailman

4/3 Einat Lev – geophysicist
KGB Bar Red Room

4/6 Eban Bayer -designer/micologist
Linda Theater, Albany

4/23 Elliot Goldstein – medical photographer
NYU Langone

6/5 Davida Smyth – microbiologist
KGB Bar Red Room