More or less the house band of the Metropolitan Museum, this quartet is remarkable for the variety of its collaborators, the ingenuity of the music it commissions, and the level of its musicianship. All 4 Ethelians will play, and 2, artistic directors Dorothy Lawson (cello) and Ralph Farris (viola), will talk. They’ll be joined by string players from Kaufman Music Center’s Face the Music youth new music program.
Sunday, January 20, 5:00
KMC’s Ann Goodman Recital Hall
129 West 67th Street
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1/27 Payam Akhavan – Professor of International Law
Baha’i Center

2/5 David Oshinsky – historian
NYU Langone

2/6 Sarah Pearson – astrophysicist
KGB Bar Red Room

2/11 Susan Cheever – writer
NY Society Library

2/21 Elizabeth Diller – architect
Center for Architecture

3/5 Charles Branas – epidemiologist
Columbia Mailman

3/18 Elaine Pagels – religious historian
Princeton Public Library

4/3 Einat Lev – geophysicist
KGB Bar Red Room

4/6 Eban Bayer -designer/micologist
Linda Theater, Albany

4/10 Sloane Crosley – writer
Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan

4/17 Russell Shorto – historian
Fraunces Tavern Museum

4/23 Elliot Goldstein – medical photographer
NYU Langone

5/7 Carl Krebs -architect
Irish Arts Center

6/5 Davida Smyth – microbiologist
KGB Bar Red Room

6/20 Chip Kidd – graphics designer
Museum of Art and Design