The Environmental Defense Fund’s chief scientist, he is savvy about methane emissions – big fun, in so far as the end of the world is big fun – and is our first guest to have his own satellite, to monitor that methane, unless I’ve misunderstood, which I no doubt have. With fiddle music from Hannah Read.
Monday, Sept. 17, 6:30
EDF offices, 257 Park Ave South
for information and to reserve a spot


9/20 Anthony Haden-Guest – writer
KGB Red Room

10/11 Samuel Levi Jones – artist

10/15 Todd Haimes – artistic director, Roundabout Theatre
BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center

10/29 Blanche Pitt – public health specialist
Columbia – ICAP

11/2 Majora Carter – urban planner, broadcaster
Van Alen Institute

11/8 Peter Gilliver – author, The Making of the Oxford English Dictionary
English Speaking Union

11/13 Marc Guggenheim – screen and television writer
SUNY Global Center

11/29 Deborah Willis & Hank Willis Thomas – photographer/artist
Bard Graduate Center

12/3 Joe Restuccia – “mayor” of Hell’s Kitchen
Irish Arts Center

12/12 Gary Shteyngart – writer
Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan

1/10 Michael Frank – writer

1/20 ETHEL – quartet
Kaufman Music Center

2/5 David Oshinsky – historian
NYU Langone