September Song

Our June 20 event at the Museum of Arts and Design was the last live show of the spring season. We’ll return in the fall for shows at The Center for Architecture, The Fashion Institute of Technology Museum, The Marlene Myerson JCC, and – I say with particular pleasure – the NY Department of Sanitation’s fabulous Salt Shed. I defy you to find a better storage facility for road de-icing materials, music, and conversation.

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9/5 Signe Nielsen – landscape architect
Center for Architecture

9/12 Mierle Laderman Ukeles – artist 
Salt Shed, NY Department of Sanitation

9/17 Tensie Whelan – sustainable business expert
NYU Stern School of Business

9/25 Massimo Pigliucci – professor of philosophy
Ethical Culture Society

9/29 Mary Darling – television producer
New York Baha’i Center

10/3 Tobias Frere-Jones – typeface designer
Transit Museum

10/14 Leslie Vosshall – neurobiologist
KGB Bar’s Red Room

10/25 Robert Wilson – director
Pratt Institute

10/29 Valerie Steele – fashion historian, curator
FIT Museum

10/30 Shakina Nayfack – actor, writer, trans activist
Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan

11/4 Jacques D’Amboise – dancer, choreographer
National Dance Institute

11/13 James Polshek – architect
Center for Architecture

11/18 Maria del Mar Cortes – spinal cord researcher
KGB Bar’s Red Room

12/3 Michael Dowling – CEO Northwell Health
Irish Arts Center

12/9 Frances Bronet – prof. of architecture
Center for Architecture