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Next Live Show: Ty Jones

Next Live Show: Ty Jones

He is the producing artistic director of the Classical Theater of Harlem, whose annual production in Marcus Garvey Park is the only event attended by both my Shakespeare group and my cycle group. Thanks to him, we’re this close to merging into Shakespeare on Wheels. Music: Kaden, Roen, and Emery Jones. Monday, June 24, 7:00Harlem School of … Continue reading »


491: Eddie Izzard

Her solo performance of Hamlet—yes, all the parts (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern)—should be accessible to everyone. “Shakespeare is presented to people these days as ‘this is good for you.’ I’ve heard the term ‘spinach theater.’” The trick? Avoid vegetables, emphasize history, preserve the beauty of the verse: words, words, words! Continue reading »


490: Elizabeth Streb

“I don’t like dance,” says this choreographer, “but we saw the bull riders at Madison Square Garden and, boy, I really wanted to get on that bull.” Her combination of disdain and desire results in exciting and surprising—I hesitate to say “dance” lest I incur her scorn— “organized movement.” Continue reading »


488: Eduardo Vilaro

“I am Juan de Pareja,” says this choreographer (center) about the subject of his new piece, the Afro-Spanish painter enslaved by Velázquez. Multiple personalities? No. One artist fascinated by the life of another. We celebrate Vilaro’s fifteen years as artistic director of Ballet Hispánico. Music: Ahmed Alom (left). Continue reading »


485: Len Elmore

“I had dreams of playing basketball then going to law school and doing what Perry Mason did.” Those dreams came true. The Knicks. Harvard Law. The Brooklyn DA’s office. And now he teaches at Columbia’s School of Professional Studies, a co-producer of this episode. (I had dreams that I could fly. I can’t.)  Photo: Lou Rocco. Continue reading »