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Next Live Show: Mary Norris

Next Live Show: Mary Norris

She spent three decades on The New Yorker’s esteemed copy desk and is the author of the best-selling Between You and Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen and, more pertinent to our event, Greek to Me: Adventures of the Comma Queen. One way or another her person, place, and thing, will evoke wine in Greece—in the ancient world, in … Continue reading »


404: Peter Dugan and Charles Yang

As music students, they were sequestered in Juilliard’s fourth-floor rehearsal rooms. “The fourth floor is all dungeony and without sunlight,” says pianist Dugan. “It’s one of the worst, most magical places ever,” says violinist Yang. Today they have flourishing careers among other human beings. That’s the magic. A conversation at the Kaufman Music Center with … Continue reading »

Politics and Policy

398: Anita Hill

This heroic Brandeis professor explains how sexual-harassment law derives from civil-rights law: “There was the sense that, OK, now we’ve tackled one area of equality, we’ve prevailed to some extent, let’s build on it.” One right leads to another. Or used to. In ancient days. (Sigh.) Plus, the difference between baggage and luggage. Continue reading »


395: Ken Burns

He’s made a lot of films about war, from the Civil War to Vietnam, but his great themes are not death and destruction, he says: “Most of my films, despite the particular subject matter, besides the tragedy or the conflict, are ultimately about love.” He’s currently working on the Revolutionary War.  It’s complicated. And delightfully so. Continue reading »

Science & Medicine

394: Drew Lanham

This naturalist and writer is wary of “bad people having their names attached to perfectly good birds.” Audubon’s warbler evokes not just an ornithologist but also a slave-owner. “We should remove all human names from birds and let the birds tell us who they are—by their appearance, their behavior, their song.” Bluebird, woodpecker, whippoorwill. Elegant! … Continue reading »