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Next live show: Eric Bogosian

Next live show: Eric Bogosian

We New Yorkers first encountered this fine actor-writer through his solo work: Talk Radio et al. Other Americans had to wait for Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I’m not bragging. I wasn’t the producer. Just a fan. Music from Zoe Aqua and Mattias Kaufmann. Also fan-worthy.Wednesday, May 29, 7:00BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center for tickets and … Continue reading »


Episode 249: Ethel

This quartet performs in concert halls around the globe but still works the Balcony Bar at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. “We’re a bar band,” say artistic directors Ralph Ferris (viola) and Dorothy Lawson (cello). What a band! What a bar! Plus a performance with Face The Music, all at the Kaufman Music Center. Continue reading »