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Next Live Show: George Vecsey

Next Live Show: George Vecsey

  He’s been a sports columnist and a religion reporter for the Times, confirming that these are two different belief systems. (Although theologians agree: the Knicks are dead.) He also wrote Coal Miner’s Daughter, with Loretta Lynn, the basis of the Sissy Spacek movie. That’s range! Born in Queens, he now lives in Port Washington; … Continue reading »


Episode 151: Renee Cox

  Do happy artists produce better work than gloomy artists? Renee Cox contemplates her own work and says yes. I say: Beethoven. We considered the matter at the Interntional Print Center in conjunction with their exhibition Black Pulp. The featured musical performer was Norris Bennett of the Ebony Hillbillies, whose work made me so joyful … Continue reading »


Episode 144: Maria Popova

  Her blog “Brain Pickings” ranges across the past and present, the arts and sciences, steering her cohort to unexpected delights. In our conversation at the Brooklyn Historical Society, she talked about a nineteenth century astronomer, a twentieth century elm tree, and a twenty-first century blight: people who walk down the street staring at their devices. … Continue reading »