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Episode 283: Valerie Steele

This cultural historian regards Coco Chanel as a titan of fashion but notes, “Like Picasso or Wagner, she was really really brilliant and just an absolutely despicable human being.” Anti-Semite, union-buster, Nazi spy: when great artists are bad people. Plus music from Eléonore Weill and Ali Dineen.  Photo credit: ©2019 The Museum at FIT

Person: Coco Chanel
Place: Palais-Royal
Thing: high-heeled shoes
Randy’s Thing: his bike shorts

2 thoughts on “Episode 283: Valerie Steele

  1. I only caught the last segment of today’s show about high heel shoes and I thoroughly enjoyed it. At the end of the show there was a jazzy musical interlude of a classical piece by Mozart, I think. Could you possibly tell me who recorded that selection?
    Thanks so much.

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