No Live Shows: Bill Raskin

With no live shows for the duration, we’ll run new short written episodes, starting with this vet, who served for 20 years as an Army Special Forces officer. In 2019 he published his first novel, Cardiac Gap.

PERSON: a fellow American

January, 2002, was a tough month for me. Deployed for the Afghan invasion after 9/11, our ad hoc team of special operators had taken casualties. One morning, shortly after dawn, as I worked on a malfunctioning radio, trying to send out a situation update, a teammate, whom I’d met only a few days before, came over with a steaming mug of MRE coffee for me, half his ration. He knew I was busy with the radio, and our day would only get busier. It picked me up exactly when I needed it. 
            I think of this now. In the wake of the Coronavirus, all across our country, Americans who don’t know each other are offering what support they can. Moments like this bring out the best in our citizenry. As I write this, on March 25th, we are all New York, New Jersey, Washington State, and the other areas catching the worst of the pandemic.

PLACE: our little Cape Cod in Bethesda, MD

I consult part time for some mission-essential offices in the city. But they too have thinned out as we try to break the chains of transmission. Even before the pandemic, Linda and I both worked from home most of the time. She’s a lawyer, and I began writing two years ago. Fortunately, we had already made our space pretty livable. Two tips I’ve learned: 
(1) Make a daily schedule and stick to it reasonably well. 
(2) As much as possible, try to have a “work” area and a “chill” area. It helps the brain toggle back and forth, to achieve each of those states more effectively.


Invented by a former Navy SEAL. It is an ingenious workout device that uses adjustable straps and your body weight. The restrictions of combat zones closely resemble our current state of isolation. We have no gym access and now have to create exercise opportunities in our living space. The TRX gives an unlimited range of workout options. It’s kept me sane during times of limited movement out in the world.