Next Live-ish Shows

March Architecture―Marchitecture.

Throughout the pandemic, we reverted to our radio roots, recording most of our shows online, audio only. The remainder we live-streamed with some long-time partners, including the Center for Architecture. That collaboration continues with two upcoming shows with these architects. Jonathan Marvel―the Studio Museum in Harlem, St. Anne’s Warehouse in Dumbo, co-founder of Resilient Power Puerto Rico. That’s on March 3. Jeanne Gang―Chicago’s Aqua Tower, and here in New York an addition to the Museum of Natural History. That’s on March 25. Details and links to come. In hyper-local news, I’ve been vaccinated. In national news: as I type this, we’re mere hours from the inauguration of Biden-Harris. I’ve got a feeling I scarcely recognize: hope. And this song keeps playing in my head: Ding Dong the Witch is Flying Into Exile in Florida.