Episode 297: Roy Steiner

Episode 297: Roy Steiner

Working on the food initiative at the Rockefeller Foundation convinced him that, “You can’t shift people’s diets if you can’t make it delicious. Food is not just fuel.” A conversation at the New York Baha’i Center about health, hedonism, and social justice. Music: Stephanie Jenkins Continue reading »

No Live Shows: Bill Raskin

No Live Shows: Bill Raskin

With no live shows for the duration, we’ll run new short written episodes, starting with this vet, who served for 20 years as an Army Special Forces officer. In 2019 he published his first novel, Cardiac Gap. PERSON: a fellow American January, 2002, was a tough month for me. Deployed for the Afghan invasion after … Continue reading »


Episode 291: Meredith Monk

This composer and musician admires the Dalai Lama but got a little anxious when asked to sing for him: “They locked me in my dressing room…then there was a monk that was sitting next to me kind of glaring.” A conversation at the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Music: Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Carmen Rockwell. Continue reading »


Episode 288: Jennifer Egan

Some novelists begin with a character, some with a plot; Jennifer Egan – A Visit From the Goon Squad, Manhattan Beach – often starts with a sense of place: “That seems to come before there are people.” A conversation at the Center for Fiction cosponsored by the Municipal Art Society. Music: Lily Henley and Duncan Wickel. Photo: … Continue reading »