Next Live Show: Sreoshy Banerjea

Next Live Show: Sreoshy Banerjea

She serves as executive director of New York City’s Public Design Commission, which advocates for innovative, sustainable, and equitable design of the city’s public spaces and civic structures. She has no jurisdiction over the fashion choices made by city officials or me. And the city is the worse for it. Music: Henrique Prince. Thursday, April … Continue reading »

436: Nina Katchadourian

436: Nina Katchadourian

This artist says, “An object that has been fixed again and again by multiple owners has a particularly fascinating history to me.” And so we’ve tweaked our format to Thing, Thing, Thing, in particular to Broken Thing, Broken Thing, Broken Thing. Produced with the Morgan Library and Museum. Music: Brian Dewan.  Photo: Harry Wilks. Continue reading »


433: Yiyun Li

“I think the best writers always know the characters more than the characters know themselves,“ she says. The author of The Book of Goose talks about War and Peace, Wuthering Heights, the stories of William Trevor, and her old army buddies. Produced with A Public Space and Rizzoli Bookstores.  Music: Liz Hanley. Continue reading »


432: Wu Han

The celebrated pianist offers not only beauty but context and insight, like this observation: “If you go to any concert and you hear a Dvořák piece, look for the pigeon and the train; they’re always in there.” Pigeons and trains, presented with the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center.  Continue reading »