Next Live Show: Leslie Vosshall

Next Live Show: Leslie Vosshall

The first guest in this season’s Women in the Sciences series, she explores how the sense of smell affects the behavior of the dengue and Zika vector mosquito, Aedes aegypti. Music from Leslie Goshko. Big discount for neurogeneticists. No discount for mosquitoes.  Monday, Oct. 14, 7:00  KGB Bar’s Red Room  85 E 4th St.  for tickets and more information Continue reading »

Television / Theater

Episode 269: Eric Bogosian

On a Berlin sidewalk in 1921, Soghomon Tehlirian assassinated Talaat Pasha, an architect of the Armenian genocide. Vengence or justice? Actor and writer Eric Bogosian talks about history, identity, and the cultural implications of curly hair. A conversation at the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center, with music from Zoë Aqua and Mattias Kaufmann. Continue reading »


Episode 265: Russell Shorto

Holland’s seventeenth-century emphasis on trade rather than conquest helped build a culture of tolerance: everybody’s money is good. The author of The Island at the Center of the World offers a sort of moral defense of capitalism in a conversation at the Fraunces Tavern Museum: look out the window and see what he’s describing. Music from … Continue reading »


Episode 264: Sloane Crosley

Like many funny writers, this essayist and novelist grew up around someone with a highly cultivated sense of humor, in this case her grandmother Nettie. “She was extremely funny. She was sarcastic in a very loving way, which I think is a hard note to hit.” The challenge of being simultaneously funny and sweet. Plus … Continue reading »