Episode 109: Molly Haskell

molly She was a film critic for The Village Voice, New York and Vogue, and has written for the Times, the New York Review of Books and, well, everywhere. In this episode, she speaks insightfully about the tension between being an ambitious intellectual and a genteel southern gal: oh yes, she started out as a gal. Plus music from Cleek Schrey. Recorded at the Brooklyn Historical Society.

  • Miniver_blog_550w PERSON: her mother. Photo unavailable. This is Greer Garson in Mrs. Miniver, a fine movie mother.
  • molly place PLACE: the 5th Arrondisement in Paris
  • starry-night-original THING: a copy of Van Gogh’s Starry Night
  • chicken RANDY’S THING: a dead chicken. Photo unavailable. This is a fine movie chicken.

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