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Episode 141: Paul Giamatti and Maggie Siff

P&M When we spoke at Wave Hill, these fine actors, colleagues on the TV series Billions, suggested that Sadaharu Oh is the Vanessa Redgrave of Japanese baseball. Or is Redgrave the Oh of actors? Either way, why are we inspired by such titans rather than intimidated by their inimitable brilliance? Plus a few jokes about Ibsen – that guy is a riot! – and music from Nicki and Anton Denner.
The live show was produced by Pami Shamir. Photo: Erica Berger.

  • P&M person PERSON: Vanessa Redgrave
  • P&M place PLACE: the Tower of London
  • P&M thing THING: this book
  • randy's thing RANDY’S THING: the Jewish calendar

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