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Episode 200: Cedric Alexander

  An African American, a PhD psychologist, and a former police chief, he has an interesting perspective on police reform. Citing research from Stanford, he asserts: “Mere political party affiliation, whether you’re republican or democrat, is more powerful than the whole issue around race.” We spoke about race, romance, and the healing power of a Ford Mustang at the New York Baha’i Center, with music from Freddie Bryant.

    •  PERSON: Will Alexander
    •  PLACE: cafeteria, Florida A&M
    •  THING: U.S. Constitution
    •  RANDY’S THING: a pink slip

One thought on “Episode 200: Cedric Alexander

  1. Really enjoyed your program today, specifically the “crazy artist” excuse. I attended Manhattan School of Music in the 80’s. Everyone seemed quasi normal- that is until the movie Amadeus came out. Overnight the conservatory became a den of idiots! Suddenly everyone began displaying what I saw as contrived mannerisms, dress, and ways of speaking. One of my best friends, Peter, a yup- pianist and composer- became intolerable to hang out with. Crazy times!

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