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Episode 232: Steven Hamburg

  The head scientist for the Environmental Defense Fund, he knows the literature thoroughly and yet asserts, “The tension between what I read and what I observed was the area where I made my biggest contribution.” Science and the creative process. Plus another sort of creativity from musician Hannah Read. Photo by Leslie Von Pless.

    •  Person: Herb Bormann
    •  Place: cabin, Bald Mountain, NH
    •  Thing: a satellite
    •  Randy’s Thing: the SR-71 Blackbird

3 thoughts on “Episode 232: Steven Hamburg

  1. I’m surprised Steve Hamberg did not emphasize the need for native plants in yards along with the importance of more trees. My yard stands out as although I live in a traditional suburban development where lawns and a few foliage plants and very few trees are the norm, I have created a hammock environment, no turf grass, and about 100 species of natives. I have lots of shade. Some neighbors object on the grounds that my yard attracts wildlife, although this is one of the objectives.

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