Episode 53: Dean Obeidallah and Negin Farsad

DeanObeidallah-and-NeginFarsad200x200 Born in New Jersey, Dean is the son of a Palestinian father and a Sicilian mother. Negin’s parents, Iranian immigrants, raised her in Palm Springs, something that would have been impossible in Iran. Or in New Jersey. Recently they assembled a group of comedians, mostly Muslim, and toured what might seem to be inhospitable parts of the country—the deep south, Arizona, Salt Lake City—documenting the trip in The Muslims Are Coming, their new film. For comics responding to addlepated bigotry, they are surprisingly low on anger, which Randy finds a little disappointing. He’ll get over it.

  • PERSON: Dan Henry, the atheist of Idaho Falls
  • PLACE: Five Points South, a square in Birmingham, Alabama
  • THING: a pink pastry box

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