Episode 58: Alan Zweibel

Alan-Zweibel200x200 Alan Zweibel enjoyed early success on the first five seasons of Saturday Night Live, often writing for Gilda Radner, with whom he shares the rare ability to be simultaneously funny and sweet. He went on to write some of the smartest shows on television, including Garry Shandling’s. Since then, he’s given us plays and books, won an Emmy, won the Thurber Prize, and worked with Billy Crystal on 700 Sundays, recently back on Broadway, proving that there is life after television.

  • PERSON: television writer Herb Sargent
  • PLACE: Roberts Stationery, Hewlett
  • THING: a nectarine pit hidden in a wall


  • RANDY’S THING: the Reading (PA) Public Library, an Andrew Carnegie temple of literature

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