Next Live Show: Lorraine Frazier

Next Live Show: Lorraine Frazier

Throughout the pandemic—it’s entirely over, I hear—nurses were rightly praised as front-line fighters, but talk is cheap and PPE is not, apparently. I’m sure that’s all been sorted out. She’ll know. As dean of Columbia University’s School of Nursing, she helped train many who served with such distinction. Music: Caitlin Warbelow. Tuesday, Dec. 6, 3:00  Columbia … Continue reading »


421: Steven Heller

This graphic designer is admired for his decades as an art director at the Times, for his teaching, and for his books, including his most recent, Growing Up Underground, a memoir of his youth in the East Village of the sixties: ”It was disgusting, but in a good way.” Produced with the Type Directors Club, part of The One … Continue reading »


419: Ross Gay

As a poet and essayist (Inciting Joy), he is acutely in touch with his feelings, and yet he refers to “the many ways I try not to be aware of what’s breaking my heart.” A paradox reconciled, plus pickup basketball as a model of self-government, and the pawpaw as a model fruit. Produced with Orion magazine.  Continue reading »