Episode 115: Melissa Manchester

melissa Most musicians, even talented musicians, have no career at all. Hers has lasted, depending how you count, 40 years? 50 years? Or with my special math, 1000 years, dating to the middle ages. At 15, she was singing commercial jingles; while still in high school, she was a staff writer for Chappell Music. Her first hits, or the first I remember, were Midnight Blue in 1975 and Don’t Cry Out Loud shortly after. We spoke at Euphoria Rehearsal Studios where, among other interesting observations, she asserted a connection between Gertrude Stein and Sid Caesar.

  • gertrude-stein PERSON: Gertrude Stein
  • thing, a song THING: a song
  • Mancini RANDY’S PERSON: Henry Mancini

One thought on “Episode 115: Melissa Manchester

  1. Any show that’s sponsored by ZABAR’S is okay by me, so thanks Randy!!
    Even more okay is that you and your listeners get to hear my dear and talented sister Melissa talk about her storied career and amazing life’s journey that’s still unfolding!
    Keep the music playing,
    Claudia Cagan
    Los Angeles (formerly The Bronx and The Upper West Side…)

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