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Episode 123: Dr. Thomas Farley

credit Diana Gazzia The commissioner of health for New York City under Mayor Bloomberg, he battled cigarettes, transfats, and the fifty gallon vats of cola traditionally sold at movie theaters. He is the author of Saving Gotham and recently became the health commissioner of Philadelphia. We convened at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health with musician Kevin Nathaniel Hylton where Dr. Farley explained why the best way to improve the overall health of a community is sometimes to ignore those most at risk for a particular malady. Counterintuitive fun!    (photo by Diana Gazzia)

  • tom's person  PERSON: Geoffrey Rose
  • tom's place  PLACE: liquor store, Baton Rouge
  • tom's thing  THING: 3 liter soda
  • randy's thing  RANDY’S THING: a KPCC radio show

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