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Episode 124: Yancey Strickler

yancey  The cofounder and CEO of Kickstarter, he sees his enterprise as a kind of narrative: “It’s not a marketing plan, it’s not a branding layout…it’s a story of them, a story of the individual coming to this thing and why they’re trying to make this thing happen.” We spoke at the Brooklyn Historical Society, joined by fiddle great (and Kickstarter software engineer) Stephanie Coleman. I particularly enjoy his distinction between what he terms “creative” tasks – e.g. painting – and those that are less so, e.g. running Kickstarter. Or is it the other way around?

  • yancey person PERSON: his new baby, Koji
  • yancey place PLACE: 155 Rivington St.
  • yancey thing THING: a copy of a Velazquez
  • randy thing RANDY’S THING: TV-B-Gone

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