Episode 172: Kenny Vance

kenny 3  DJ Alan Freed, who might have coined the term “rock’n’roll,” was destroyed in the payola scandals of the fifties, but he was no more corrupt than his colleagues, says Kenny Vance. And Freed staged some of the first integrated rock shows. Does this mitigate his conduct? Sharp ideas about radio, rock, and the invention of teenagers from a founding member of Jay and the Americans, for Humanities NY.

  • person PERSON: Alan Freed
  • place PLACE: Brooklyn Paramount
  • thing THING: a 45 adaptor
  • randy's thing RANDY’S THING: this album

6 thoughts on “Episode 172: Kenny Vance

  1. Terrific show with Kenny Vance. Was not aware of you site but now I am subscribed. Love the archives …. Very nice diversity. Thanks for what you do.

  2. Great to hear Kenny he sounds great! A new Chaprer in his life? He knows so much about Doo wop , and has such a beautiful voice ! Kenny we the devoted fans of yours can’t wait till you come back to sing to us again. We Love ❤️ your music . Please come back to us.

  3. Lived in Philly during the birth of rock & roll and beyond. Kenny Vance is a wonderful person and performer. Cherish every day he is with us. So happy he is well and able to perform again. Love you Kenny!

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