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Episode 182: Chris Benz

chris  It is generally disappointing to meet someone whose work you admire. Or is it? Chris Benz, design chief at Bill Blass, tested this precept when fate put him in a voice-over studio with film-maker Wes Anderson. Benz’s conclusion: Project Runway was a force for good. No, wait: he does make this curiously persuasive assertion, but in another context. Plus music from Cleek Schrey, also a force for good, all under the artificial stars of the planetarium at the Hudson River Museum.

Photo credit: Therese Steiner
Painting, below: Robert Zakanitch
Iris, 2008
Series: A Garden of Ordinary Miracles
Courtesy of the artist
  • Wes-Anderson-01 PERSON: Wes Anderson
  • chris benz place PLACE: this house
  • Iris THING: this painting
  • scaffold RANDY’S THING: scaffolding

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