Episode 83: Andrew Tarlow

Andrew Tarlow & Randy Cohen According to Bon Appétit, Andrew Tarlow invented Brooklyn, and you don’t want to argue with Bon Appétit: some enemies you do not need. Plus, it’s true that with the restaurants Diner, Marlow & Sons, and Roman’s, among his many enterprises, he is a titan of Brooklyn food. Yet what drew me to him was not the cuisine – although it is delicious – or his savvy thinking about local sourcing, but his sense of sociability as the essential element of urban life. We spoke on stage at the Brooklyn Historical Society.

  • Person: Patty Gentry Person: Patty Gentry
  • Place: Kinderhook Farm Place: Kinderhook Farm
  • Thing: his bicycle Thing: his bicycle


  • intensity-by-jopen Randy’s Thing: the Intensity brand vibrator


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