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Episode 82: Michael Graves

MichaelGraves He’s designed so much, so prominently, it is tough choose only a few examples, but we might cite the Portland Building, an early expression of postmodernism, and the elegant toilet brush he did for Target. That is, he values good design on the grand scale and in ordinary life. In 2003, he contracted what seemed to be a bad cold, but which left him immobilized below the chest. We spoke at the Princeton Public Library, where he told three stories about paralysis and design.

  • MG-volunteer_barth_green PERSON: Dr. Barth Green
  • MG-60inTurnCirclePLACE: a hospital bathroom
  • MG-transferchairIMG_1137 THING: a transfer chair  


  • RT-31c96-umbrella RANDY’S THING: an umbrella


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