Episode 7: Rickie Lee Jones

rickie f-2 Is it OK for a teenager to prefer John Lennon’s tepid version of Money to Barret Strong’s hard-rocking original? Rickie Lee Jones says it is, making an elegant argument that we need different music at different phases of life. She should know: her 1979 debut album included the enormously popular Chuck E’s in Love; it won the Grammy for best new artist, and she’s been at it ever since. We spoke a few years ago – she was one of our first dozen guests – and I’ve remastered her lovely conversation.

  • album 3 Person: Pegleg Jones
  • album 1 Place: Her house on Orange Ave.
  • album 2 Thing: her horse Cinder Ella
  • Fargo_North_Dakota Randy’s Thing: A motel in Fargo

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