Episode 77: Eric Fischl

Eric-Fischl-200x200 Eric Fischl came to fame in the New York art world of the nineteen-eighties (well yeah, not the eighteen-eighties) an experience he describes in Bad Boy: My Life on and off the Canvas. One thing it omits: we went to school together, at Cal Arts, in 1973, but we didn’t know each other then, a detail sure to fascinate… actually, I’m sorry I mentioned it. We spoke at the Port Washington Public Library.

  • PERSON: anonymous tattooed guy
    PERSON: anonymous tattooed guy
  • PLACE: La Voile Rouge
    PLACE: La Voile Rouge
  • THING: a Zippo lighter
    THING: a Zippo lighter


  • RANDY’S PERSON: Andy Warhol
    RANDY’S PERSON: Andy Warhol

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