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Episode 118: Leandra Medine

Version 2  Her website, Man Repeller, offers witty and insightful ideas about fashion, not just as what we wear but as who we are: clothing as a window onto the larger culture. Although who’d want a window made of cotton? The rain would soak through, and you couldn’t see out. Metaphors: they only take you so far, but they take her to unexpected places in our conversation at JCC Manhattan. Plus music from Pete Rushefsky and Jake Shulman-Ment of the Center for Traditional Music and Dance.

  • David Foster Wallace world copyright Giovanni Giovannetti/effigie PERSON: David Foster Wallace
  • leandra's place PLACE: this porch, East Hampton
  • leandra thing THING: this expensive ring
  • randy person RANDY’S PERSON: Diana Vreeland

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