Radio / Television

330: Mo Rocca

A regular on CBS Sunday Morning and NPR’s Wait, Wait . . . Don’t Tell Me!, he has a historic-homes preference: “I like the houses of the presidents that you can’t remember were actually president, the guys between Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.” And they’re a great fit for his other project, Mobituaries, what with their being, you know, dead.  Continue reading »


292: Deborah Amos

Her years as Middle East correspondent for NPR News gave her strong feelings about accountability, the rule of law, and handbags: “This lovely accessory is a bag made out of Saddam Hussein’s bedroom curtains.” A conversation at the Princeton Public Library. Music: Dan Kassel. Continue reading »

Nonfiction / Radio

Episode 21: Jack Hitt

 Jack Hitt began in journalism as editor of the Paper Clip, his Charleston, SC, grade-school literary magazine. He has since risen or, depending on your perspective, fallen to writing for Harpers and the NY Times and presenting great pieces on “This American Life.” His newest book is Bunch of Amateurs. This podcast was recorded in … Continue reading »


Episode 11: John Hockenberry

Throughout John Hockenberry’s career as a journalist, he has shown a disconcerting willingness to put himself in danger, covering wars in the Persian Gulf, Somalia, Kosovo and Afghanistan and, perhaps most dangerous of all, writing a scathing review of a Clint Eastwood movie. That piece, circulated as Million Dollar Bigot, raised significant issues to the … Continue reading »