Episode 151: Renee Cox

  Do happy artists produce better work than gloomy artists? Renee Cox contemplates her own work and says yes. I say: Beethoven. We considered the matter at the Interntional Print Center in conjunction with their exhibition Black Pulp. The featured musical performer was Norris Bennett of the Ebony Hillbillies, whose work made me so joyful … Continue reading »


Episode 120: Gregory Crewdson

  Photographer Gregory Crewdson takes pictures much the way a director makes movies: working with a crew, including a DP, and never touching a camera. The results are haunting and beautiful. We convened at Planthouse Gallery with musical guest Paul Grimstad.  PERSON: his father, Frank Crewdson  PLACE: Upper Goose Pond  THING: a Fender Stratocaster guitar … Continue reading »


Episode 97: Barbara Bloom

  Internationally known for her installations – at MOCA, MOMA, the Venice Biennale, The Stedelijk in Amsterdam – she does work that often has a kind of implied narrative: you get the previews, the posters, the ads, but not the movie itself. This was the first in a series of shows at Glenn Horowitz Booksellers. … Continue reading »


Episode 77: Eric Fischl

Eric Fischl came to fame in the New York art world of the nineteen-eighties (well yeah, not the eighteen-eighties) – in every era a cultural ecosystem inhabited by artists, art lovers, galleries, museums, and critics. This remixed episode includes a bonus segment from art-critic power couple Roberta Smith (New York Times) and Jerry Saltz (New York … Continue reading »


Episode 76: Robert Mankoff

He is the former cartoon editor of the New Yorker, whose own cartoon, captioned, “How about never – is never good for you?” is the magazine’s most frequently reprinted. He might be tired of talking about his greatest hit, but I think it places him among the immortals Photo: Davina Pardo PERSON: his mother, Mollie … Continue reading »


Episode 36: Roz Chast

 Born in Brooklyn, Roz Chast is best known for her cartoons for The New Yorker, many other magazines, and more than a dozen books. We note with pleasure how much she sounds like a Roz Chast cartoon: smart, funny, just a bit fretful, and thoroughly appealing. Maybe that’s because her cartoons have taught us to … Continue reading »

Art / Old Masters

Episode 28: Al Jaffee

 Cartoonist Al Jaffee is the creator of the Mad Magazine Fold-In and Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions. He waas 92 when recorded this conversation, the magazine’s longest-running contributor, partly explained by his remark, “Serious people my age are dead.” PERSON: Harvey Kurtzman PLACE: The Muthaiga Country Club, Nairobi, Kenya THING: A MAD fold-in Continue reading »