Episode 76: Robert Mankoff

He is the former cartoon editor of the New Yorker, whose own cartoon, captioned, “How about never – is never good for you?” is the magazine’s most frequently reprinted. He might be tired of talking about his greatest hit, but I think it places him among the immortals Photo: Davina Pardo PERSON: his mother, Mollie … Continue reading »


Episode 36: Roz Chast

 Born in Brooklyn, Roz Chast is best known for her cartoons for The New Yorker, many other magazines, and more than a dozen books. We note with pleasure how much she sounds like a Roz Chast cartoon: smart, funny, just a bit fretful, and thoroughly appealing. Maybe that’s because her cartoons have taught us to … Continue reading »

Art / Old Masters

Episode 28: Al Jaffee

 Cartoonist Al Jaffee is the creator of the Mad Magazine Fold-In and Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions. He waas 92 when recorded this conversation, the magazine’s longest-running contributor, partly explained by his remark, “Serious people my age are dead.” PERSON: Harvey Kurtzman PLACE: The Muthaiga Country Club, Nairobi, Kenya THING: A MAD fold-in Continue reading »


Episode 15: Maira Kalman

 One of America’s most beloved illustrators, Maira Kalman has drawn for children, with Max Stravinsky, the poet-dog; for adults, in the New Yorker; and for dancers, who share qualities of both, in creating sets for Mark Morris. She’s illustrated the new edition of The Elements of Style, been a “visual columnist” for the New York … Continue reading »